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freedoms to teach and provide yoga endangered

Your current freedoms to teach and provide yoga are endangered in New York State.

Please read this email carefully and forward to other studios and teachers, so that everyone across NY State is aware of a statewide issue that has many studios on the brink of closing.

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New York Yoga Community and its response to 9/11
Just after 9/11, our New York Yoga community responded by offering refuge in their Yoga Studios  with  Meditation, Satsang, Kirtan Chanting, Asana classes, and Crisis Support.

In support of further healing within our New York  community, and to share in general, a historic perspective of the NY Yoga community, reprinted here are the 27 original posts/announcements just after 9-11 that were circulated through the New York Yoga Teachers Association.

Please visit the web site below:

NYYTA would like to thank John Banslaben a NYYTA board member during that turbulent period for putting together this historic  testimony.



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